The Society Brand encompasses the entire array of your lifestyle management needs. The unique services offered by Society Butler are partnered with Society Staffing, a premier domestic staffing and executive recruitment service, Society Concierge, a 24-hour discreet concierge service, and Society Academy, which offers specialized courses for your staff as well as detailed assessments of how your company or residence operates

Society Staffing | Everyone for Everything

Society Staffing specializes in luxury estate, household and corporate placements, and recruits for some of the most prominent private individuals and influential global companies. Society Staffing sources and selects only the best individuals for elite corporate and domestic positions worldwide, and provides it’s clients with a world-class level of continued service. From Personal and Executive Assistants to Estate Managers, Private Chefs, Chauffeurs, Nannies or Housekeepers and more, Society Staffing caters to a wide range of employment needs.

Society Concierge | Making the Impossible Possible

Society Concierge provides an exclusive 24-hour global service which offers its elite circle of private and corporate members solutions in luxury travel, property, entertainment, recruitment and training. Partnered with Society Staffing, this discreet service accommodates the requests of the company’s most valued clients. In keeping with all Society brands, Society Concierge tailors the entire range of its services, and simplifies the tasks involved in last-minute requests, planning holidays, making travel arrangements, or managing multiple properties worldwide.

Society Academy | Trained to Perfection

Society Academy combines a comprehensive database of the finest domestic staff with unparalleled expertise in the upkeep of your properties and households. Whether staff have been under your employ for years, or a new staff member has recently been hired, all need to ensure that their skills are perfected and fit the individual requirements of their employers’ lives. From new cleaning products to updated smart-home technology, the skills of your staff should evolve over time and remain up to date.

  • Who we are

    Our company executives and staff teams around the world have extensive experience in hospitality, travel, hotels and domestic service. We employ a combination of office support staff and freelance professionals all of whom are chosen for their exemplary customer service abilities and ability to focus on clients needs.

  • Our Policy

    We treat the privacy of our clients with complete confidentiality and discretion, and their contact information is retained for private communication alone. We believe in good company governance and transparency in every aspect of our business operations.